Public Health Nursing

Address: Public Health Nurse c/o Board of Health Office
126 Main Street
Ware, MA 01082
Phone: 413-967-8393
Fax: 413-967-9646

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Description of Services:
The Public Health Nurse provides care to the community and views the entire community as their client. Duties can be divided into two groups: those mandated to be provided to residents by State Law and services provided to the community by the Ware Board of Health.

•Communicable disease recording, surveillance and investigation.
•Enforcement of quarantine and isolation laws, including exclusions from work or school.
•Vaccine management and distribution.
•Immunization administration.
•Special inoculation clinics as they arise (IE: Hepatitis A, Meningococcal Vaccination)
•Refugee and Immigrant Health Assessment
•Tuberculosis testing of at risk patients and follow-up
•Providing school nursing services to private or parochial schools in Ware (MGL C. 71 s. 57 )
•Heath education programs at the Senior Center and health fairs
•In-home skilled nursing services on limited bases and as a provider of last resort.
•Public Health emergency preparedness training