Health Department

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Ware Board of Health Members
Name Title  
Jennifer McMartin Chair        2025
Michael Juda Vice-Chair        2026
John Desmond Member        2024

The Quabbin Health District is a comprehensive regional health department serving the communities of Belchertown, Pelham, and Ware. The district was established in 1980 by a Town meeting vote and was formed under Section 27A of Chapter 111 of the MGL. It is a joint effort by the three communities’ local boards of health to provide their towns with the public health professionals and services needed to create healthy communities. The District provides public health services for the roughly 26,267 residents within these communities’ 120 square-mile radius. The district provides each town with the shared personnel, equipment, and other resources to carry out the required public health duties.

The Quabbin Health District provides services to the member Towns including but not limited to communicable and reportable disease surveillance via an online epidemiological network (MAVEN), public health investigations, public health messaging, 24-7 public health emergency response, seasonal flu vaccination clinics, tobacco control, substance abuse prevention programs, and State mandated public health inspections and complaint management. You can visit the Quabbin Health District website for more information on services at

Mission Statement
The mission of the Ware Board of Health is to address public health needs, protect and improve the health and quality of life in the community, offer education resources, and promulgate and enforce local, state, and national regulations as required by law.

The objective of the Board of Health is to assure effective and deliverable public health programs, services, and regulations. To do so, the Board provides timely responses and collaborates with other local town departments, neighboring communities, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH), the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP), businesses, academic institutions, and other professional organizations. Staff and Board members keep current on the latest advances in public health science, current policy-making trends, and emerging public health needs in the community.

Duties and Responsibilities
The primary duties of the Board of Health center on enforcing the provisions of the State Sanitary and Environmental Codes under the jurisdiction of the Board of Health.