Public or Semi- Public Pool Plan Approval

(1) No person shall construct or install a swimming, wading or special purpose pool, or expand, remodel or otherwise make any change which may affect the compliance of an existing swimming, wading or special purpose pool with the requirements of 105 CMR 435.00 until the plans and specifications for the construction or change, under the stamp and signature of a Massachusetts Registered Professional Engineer or Registered Architect, have been approved in writing by the Board of Health. Nothing in 105 CMR 435.00 shall affect the authority of any person acting under appropriate sections of 780 CMR (The Massachusetts State Building Code), 527 CMR 12.00 (1996 Massachusetts Electrical Code (Amendments)) and 248 CMR (Uniform State Plumbing Code and the Massachusetts Fuel Gas Code) or applicable local ordinance or regulation.

(2) All work shall conform to approved plans and specifications. Any revision or change in the approved plans and specifications which may affect the capacity or the health or safety features of the swimming, wading or special purpose pool, shall be submitted to the Board of Health for review. Approval of said change or revision of plans shall be obtained in writing before the work affected by the change is undertaken.

(3) The Board of Health shall be notified when a newly constructed, expanded, or remodeled swimming, wading or special purpose pool is ready for use. Notification shall be given at least one week prior to the completion of the project so that a date can be arranged for a final inspection. Use of such pool shall not commence before a final inspection has been made and written approval to operate has been given by the Board of Health.