Photo Gallery

The crew at the Waste Water Treatment Plant successfully self-performed the removal of the old Channel Monster
and installed the new one that was recently voted in.
channel monster 1
channel monster 2 channel monster 3.jpg
channel monster 4 channel monster 5

On Thursday, 11-16-2017, the Wastewater Staff avoid a sanitary sewer overflow.  Proof of why the Town recently needed to vote for the replacement of the Channel Grinder.  Please dispose of wipes appropriately (flushable wipes are NOT flushable).

11-16-17(1) 11-16-17(2)

Old Poor Farm Rd. Culvert
This is why the Town moves towards the improvements of culverts and roadways!

Old Poor Farm Rd. Culvert

The view from the Anderson Rd. Water Tank where the DPW Staff is hard at work during tank inspections.

Anderson Rd Tank
clarifier inspection
Rag removal
WPCP staff removing nonflushables
WPCP staff repairing damaged scraper blade