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We would like to Thank All Residents for their patience and understanding while flushing occurred.

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Impacts on Customers from Flushing

PLEASE DO NOT Flush Non-Toilet Paper Items
Toilet Paper: Due to the shortage of toilet paper at stores, some people may seek alternative to toilet paper.  This could include baby wipes, paper towels, rags, or other cotton products.  After using said products, the first instinct would be to flush these items down the toilet.  THAT IS A BAD IDEA!  These alternate products will create blockages within the sewer pipes creating a back-up such that the waste water will return back into your house, or your neighbors'. It will create a very large mess. It takes great effort by the DPW to respond to backed-up sewer blockages, determine where the problem is and who is responsible, then to fix the problem.  If you must use an alternative to toilet paper, set up a dedicated container for the disposal of the used items. Thank you for your patience and understanding!