Planning Board

The Planning Board is responsible for the administration of the Subdivision Regulations under the purview of ML ac 41 §81 AK to GG as well as all site plan applications and most of the special permits required under the Zoning Bylaw. The Board is responsible for creating and updating the town’s master plan, and they usually take the lead in updating the zoning bylaw as well. The Board also participates in other planning activities in town, such as the Open Space & Recreation Plan, redevelopment planning, and neighborhood planning. Finally, the Board provides advice on the development of the town or on specific proposals when requested by other boards and commissions.

The Planning Board meets on the first and third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Selectmen's Meeting Room at Ware Town Hall (please check postings for current dates and cancellations).

Planning Board Members
Members Title Term Expiration
Kenneth Crosby Chairman 2025
Richard Starodoj Member 2026
Elizabeth Hancock Secretary  
Shane Millier Member  
Chris DiMarzio Vice Chair 2026
Alex Bergeron Alternate  

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