Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Agendas

The Zoning Board of Appeals meets when necessary on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM in the Selectmen's Meeting Room at Ware Town Hall (please check postings for current dates and cancellations).

Zoom Link for Zoning Board of Appeals Meetings:

Participate via Zoom Meetings digital platform 
Meeting ID: 784 604 1861
Passcode: 01082

Participate using your phone by calling (929) 205-6099 and the Meeting ID above
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ZBA Meeting Agendas 202210 documents

  • 9-28-22 ZBA Agenda
    document Header 9-28-22 ZBA Agenda
  • 8-24-22 ZBA Agenda
    document Header 8-24-22 ZBA Agenda
  • 7-20-22 Agenda (CANCELED)
    document Header 7-20-22 Agenda (CANCELED)
  • 6-1-22 Agenda
    document Header 6-1-22 Agenda
  • 5-26-22 Agenda (CANCELED)
    document Header 5-26-22 Agenda (CANCELED)
  • 2-24-2022 PB & ZBA Joint Agenda
    document Header 2-24-2022 PB & ZBA Joint Agenda
  • 2-10-2022 PB & ZBA Joint Agenda
    document Header 2-10-2022 PB & ZBA Joint Agenda
  • 2-03-22 Agenda
    document Header 2-03-22 Agenda
  • 10-26-22 ZBA Agenda
    document Header 10-26-22 ZBA Agenda
  • 1-26-22 Agenda
    document Header 1-26-22 Agenda

ZBA Agendas 20233 documents

  • ZBA Agenda Revised 1-25-23.pdf
    document Header ZBA Agenda Revised 1-25-23.pdf
  • ZBA Agenda 2-1-23
    document Header ZBA Agenda 2-1-23
  • 3-22-23 ZBA Agenda
    document Header 3-22-23 ZBA Agenda