Local Rapid Recovery Program

The Rapid Recovery Plan (RRP) Program is intended to provide every municipality in Massachusetts the opportunity to develop actionable, project-based recovery plans tailored to the unique economic challenges and COVID-19 related impacts to downtowns, town centers, and commercial areas across the commonwealth.

What is a Rapid Recovery Plan?

Local Recovery Plans will include analysis and exploration of challenges, barriers, strategies, and actions, with a focus on developing tactical and strategic project recommendations that help communities achieve their recovery goals. The program provides technical assistance through Plan Facilitators assigned to each community applicant (e.g., city, town, or nonprofit entity) and Subject Matter Experts who are available to help seed ideas for project recommendations and best practices webinars, as well as inform and further refine project recommendations through individual consultations. In Ware, the Plan Facilitators are the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC)

Communities and Plan Facilitators will be matched and will work together to assess COVID-19 impacts, convene community partners to solicit project ideas and provide feedback, and develop project recommendations. The effort will culminate in plans that summarize the diagnostic findings and offer clear, tactical project recommendations.

Presentation of Data Collection Results. Monday, June 14, 2021 at the Community Development Meeting. 
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