Ware Complete Streets

A Complete Street is one that provides safe and accessible travel alternatives for all modes - walking, biking, transit, and motorized vehicles. Complete Streets designs contribute towards safety, health, and economic vitality that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and ability. Having multimodal options to travel between home, work, schools, recreation, and retail destinations are essential in promoting more livable communities.

Complete Streets Policy

The intent of the Complete Streets Policy is to create an equitable, balanced, and effective transportation system where every transportation user can travel safely and comfortably, and where sustainable transportation options are available to everyone. This integrated transportation system will support healthy and thriving residents, neighborhoods, businesses and cultural life. It will reduce congestion by providing safe travel choices which encourage non- motorized transportation options, and will increase the overall capacity of the transportation network by decreasing consumer transportation costs and carbon footprint.

Ware Complete Streets Prioritization Plan-Final Report
The Town of Ware is committed to encouraging walking and biking; when residents can replace short driving trips with active transportation, it helps lower traffic congestion and improves public health and the livability of the community. This Prioritization Plan enables Ware to access resources from the Commonwealth’s Complete Streets Funding program that can help build sidewalks, bicycle facilities, safer crossings, and many other opportunities to improve daily lives.

Prioritization Plan Spreadsheet

Bike/Pedestrian Network Plan
The Ware Bike and Pedestrian Network Plan is intended to guide the Town of Ware as it plans and implements a Complete Streets network, with a focus on bicycle and pedestrian facilities.  This Bike and Pedestrian Network Plan sketches out proposed networks for people walking and people on bikes that, if implemented, would continue to support the Town’s efforts to enhance livability by expanding the existing network for bicyclists and pedestrians of diverse levels of ability, assuring a convenient, safe, and comfortable non-motorized trip.