Tanning Facility

Chapter 111: Section 208. Licenses; necessity; expiration; fees; inspection of facilities; violations; revocation; appeals

Section 208. No access shall be provided to any tanning device by a tanning facility until said facility has been granted a license therefor by the board of health. Each license granted hereunder shall expire one year from the date of its issue. The fee for each such license and annual renewal thereof shall be determined by the board. The board shall inspect each tanning facility within thirty days of licensure and every six months thereafter. A tanning facility which violates the provisions of this section, sections two hundred and nine to two hundred and fourteen, inclusive, or any other applicable law, rule or regulation shall have seven days after written notice of such failure in which to comply with such provisions. The board may revoke the license of a tanning facility which fails to comply after said seven days. Any person aggrieved by a determination of the board pursuant to sections two hundred and seven to two hundred and thirteen, inclusive, may appeal to the department within twenty days of said determination. Any person, including, but not limited to, the board, aggrieved by a determination of the department may appeal said decision pursuant to the provisions of section fourteen of chapter thirty A.