Plumbing Inspector

Contact: Ed Kent, Plumbing Inspector
                Mike Pluta, Assistant Plumbing Inspector
Address: Plumbing Inspector c/o Building Department
126 Main Street
Ware, MA 01082
Phone: 413-967-9648 x180

Description of Services:

The Plumbing Inspector's main responsibility is to interpret and enforce the State Plumbing for the safety of the public. The Plumbing Codes and its proper application help provide for sanitation and safety of buildings and structures. A Plumbing Permit is required before any plumbing work can be performed. All plumbing work must be done by a Plumber licensed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. All permits must be requested and signed by a Plumber licensed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Permits are required for all Plumbing work, including the installation of hot water tanks and boilers, solar heat installations, domestic water connections, lawn sprinkler systems, and all sanitary waste/vent piping work and septic tank installations. If you have a project or repairs planned, or any questions, please contact the Plumbing Inspector, who will be pleased to answer your questions or assist you with your permit process.

Permit application
Rules and Regulations
Insurance Requirements
Variance Procedure

Pursuant to Chapter III, Section 31 of the Massachusetts General Laws, notice is hereby given of the following revised plumbing fees of the Board of Health, Ware Massachusetts, which became effective February 7, 2002.

If just Single Water Heater Replacement total fee = $30.00

Fixtures = $10.00 each
PLUS Inspections = $15.00 each for Rough and Final and any additional inspections needed
Example: 3 replacement fixtures = $30.00 plus inspection fee(s)
If any questions regarding fees, please call Board of Health Office for clarification

Rules and Regulations


Insurance Requirements

Liability Insurance:
Massachusetts General Laws - Chapter 211 amended Chapter 142 Section 21A -Notwithstanding the provisions of any general or special law to the contrary, no licensed plumber or gas fitter, acting in the capacity of a self-employed contractor, shall be issued a permit for the performance of plumbing and gas fitting, pursuant to this chapter unless the licensee has a current liability insurance policy including completed operations coverage, which has been issued by an insurance company licensed to do business within the Commonwealth, or other type of indemnity against liability providing substantially equivalent coverage, or a bond. The licensee shall check the appropriate block on the uniform application to perform plumbing and gas work. In lieu of such insurance requirement, plumbing and gas inspectors shall accept the signature of the owner or his agent on the uniform application for a permit to perform plumbing or gas work upon the property of said owner.


Worker’s  Compensation
Massachusetts General Laws - Chapter 152 Section 25C(6) Every state or local licensing agency shall withhold the issuance or renewal of a license or permit to operate a business or to construct buildings in the commonwealth for any applicant who has not produced acceptable evidence of compliance with the insurance coverage required by this chapter.