Frequently Asked Questions

How do I chlorinate my private well?

How do I test my well water? What should I test for?

My apartment has a number of problems.  Can you help me?

There is a dead crow / bird on my lawn, what do I do with it?

When are flu clinics for Ware residents held?

When is  perc  season and  how  do  I  schedule?

Who is licensed to repair my septic system?

How often do I need to have my septic system pumped?

How do I locate my septic system?

My septic system has failed! What do I do?

want to open a restaurant in Ware.  What do I need from the Board of Health?

Is it acceptable to use my home kitchen to prepare food and cater events?

How often does the Board of Health inspect restaurants in Ware?

Are permits transferable?