Food Establishment Renewal


Re: Town of Ware Food Establishment Licenses and Permits

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to remind you that your license/permit to prepare/sell food in the Town of Ware will be expiring on December 31, st. Any establishment that has not picked up their permit prior to January 31, will not be permitted to stay open until receiving such permits.

According to Food Codes, Chapter 8, Section 302.11, an applicant shall submit an application for a permit at least 30 calendar days before the date planned for opening a Food Establishment or the expiration date of the current permit for an existing facility.

Also according to MGL, Chap 152, sec 25A, all licensing authorities in a community must insure that prior to the issuance of any license or permit one of the following must be completed on an Affidavit:

1. A completed Affidavit giving the Workers’ compensation coverage held.
2. A sworn Affidavit by the individual before the issuance of any license or permit that they are not required to carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance. The box is located in the middle of the form.