Environmental health

This program area encompasses risk assessment, protection from potential and actual hazards, prevention of disease and injury, and the promulgation and enforcement of regulations. Priority areas include:

Food sanitation and restaurant inspections
• Lead
• Septic Systems
• Wells
• Solid Waste
Air Pollution
Mosquito borne illness and surveillance
Rabies Control~and~Animal~Health
Beaver Activity Endangering Public~Health
Pool Inspections
Camp Inspections
Body Art

Food Sanitation

The Health Department Staff of the Quabbin Health District focus on inspecting and licensing all food establishments serving the public in Ware, with emphasis on those that present the highest risk to public health. If violations are found, the establishment owner will be ordered by the Ware Board of Health to rectify the violations within the time specified by State Regulations. If violations are so great an immediate threat to public health and safety exists, the Ware Board of Health can order the immediate closure of the establishment.

Food Protection Certification Exam and Directory
Food Safety Principals for Food Workers
Foodborne Illness: What it is and How to Report it


The Health Department staff continued to address the housing needs and concerns of residents. Tenants may request and arrange a housing code inspection of their rental unit by calling the Ware Board of Health office at (413) 967-9615. If violations are found, the property owner will be ordered by the Ware Board of Health to remediate the hazards within the time specified by State Regulations. Landlords needing a Board of Health compliance letter for rental subsidies can arrange an inspection by calling (413) 967-9615. Landlords are charged a fee for these types of subsidy inspections.

Safe and Sanitary Housing for Massachusetts Residents
Tenants Rights and Responsibilities in Massachusetts

Lead Paint

Health Department Staff will perform a lead paint determination in any housing unit where a child under the age of 6 resides upon request. If lead paint is found, the property owner will be ordered by the Ware Board of Health to have performed a complete lead paint inspection and remedial the hazard within the time specified by State Regulations.

Understanding Lead Poisoning

Septic Systems

The Ware Board of Health is responsible for overseeing and approving all matters related to residential and commercial septic systems governed by the Massachusetts Title 5 Regulations and the Town of Ware Sewage Disposal Regulations. Among its many responsibilities, the Health Department Staff review the design, placement, construction, maintenance, and repair of septic systems in Ware, acting as the Board's agents in performing inspections and fieldwork.

Caring For Your Septic System
Buying or Selling Property with an On-Site System


Under Massachusetts General Law, (MGA Ch. 111 §122) local Boards of Health have primary jurisdiction over the regulation of private wells.

EPA Booklet- Drinking Water from Household Wells

Solid Waste

The Board of Health is responsible for regulating the collection, transportation and disposal of garbage, offal and other offensive substances within the community. To that end, the Board has adopted regulations governing the licensing of trash haulers within the community. Solid Waste facilities in Ware (transfer stations, Incinerators, and Landfills) are regulated by the Board of Health through site assignments process in accordance with State Regulations.

Reduce Reuse Recycle


In conjunction with The MA Department of Environmental Protection the Ware Board of Health has the ability to investigate and enforce ambient (outdoor) air quality violations. Additionally, Health Department staff can provide resource infuriation to citizens on inner air quality concerns.

Daily Air Quality Forecast


The Ware Board of Health is responsible for enforcing the Massachusetts Smoke free workplace Law within Town. As of July 5, 2004, all enclosed workplaces that have one or more employees must be smoke- free. Designated smoking areas or smoking rooms are not permitted. There are very few limited exceptions. In addition the Board has Town-wide regulations aimed at limiting minor’s access to tobacco. Health department staff receives complaints, conduct inspections, initiate enforcement action and process permits for tobacco retailers.

Quit Smoking Help Quit line 1-800-Try to Stop

Mosquito Control and West Nile Virus

The Health Department collaborates with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to monitor the mosquito population and minimize the risk of mosquito borne illnesses such as West Nile Virus (WNV) and Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus (EEEV). During the season, weekly reports are received and r avowed on regional mosquito a captivity and diseases detected. Specimens of suspect birds found in Ware are sent for testing to the State laboratory for analysis.

Preventing Disease Spread by Mosquitoes

Rabies Control and Animal Health

The Ware Board of Health Animal Inspector/Rabies Control Officer coordinate rabies control measures with the State Bureau of Animal Health. Reports of specimens submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Virology Laboratory for rabies testing are received by the Board of Health office and appropriate action taken. By statute, any pet or farm animal that may have had contact with an animal suspected of carrying the rabies virus must be ordered confined by the animal inspector. Annual barn inspections are also performed to ensure the health and sanitary keeping of livestock.

Public Health Fact Sheet -Rabies

Beaver Activity Endangering Public Health

Residents can apply to the Board of Health for a 10 day permit to trap or install water control devices in situations where specific threats to health are occurring. Upon receipt of an application, Health department staff review and may also conduct a site visit.
The Boards sole responsibility is to act on an application by a Ware resident seeking a permit to breach a dam, install a flow pipe through a dam, or to trap and/or use outlawed traps out of the normal trapping season. In determining whether to issue such a permit to the applicant, the applicant must prove that the conditions caused by the dam meet the emergency criteria outlined in M.G.L. C. 131, § 80A .

The Board does not implement the permit, or hire workers to perform the work, and does not seek permission of the owner of the property on which the dam sits. Initial permits are valid for 10 days, and may be renewed only up to a total of 30 days. During the second two periods, the applicant must contact the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife for a permanent plan of action.

Living With Wildlife- Suburban Wildlife in Massachusetts

Swimming Pools and Beaches

The Health Department monitors the Town’s swimming water quality and ensures compliance with State Sanitary Code, working closely in conjunction with personnel from Parks and Recreation Department.

Simple Tips for Safe Swimming

Recreational Camps for Children

a rigorous inspection process is conducted for any camp operating in Ware to ensure the safety of the children enrolled in camp activities.

Info on Camps in Massachusetts- Questions and Answers for Parents


The Health Department Staff focus on inspecting and licensing all masseuses and massage establishments in Ware

Massage Tips for Consumers

Body Art

A rigorous inspection process is conducted for any tattoo or piecing establishment and practioneers operating in Ware to ensure health and safety.

Considerations When Obtaining a Tattoo or Piercing


The Health Department Staff focus on inspecting and licensing all tanning salons open to the public in Ware

The Darker Side of Tanning