Board & Committee Seat Openings

People invited to serve the Town by becoming members of its non-elected committees, boards and commissions should:

  • Be people of competence, good will and sound, objective
  • Be drawn from a pool of applicants consisting of residents and
  • Be truly interested in the welfare of Ware and all its
  • Be sensitive to the long-term as well as immediate impact of their decisions and
  • Be willing and able to devote the time and energy necessary to fulfill their

Some committees have associate members as well as full members. The Selectboard encourages people to volunteer in the community, whether it is their first time, or they are seasoned volunteers.

As of June 2024, the following Boards and Committees have seat openings:

  • Agricultural Commission (2)
  • Board of Registrars (1)
  • Capital Planning Commission (1)
  • Charter Review Committe (2)
  • Community Development Authority (1)
  • Conservation Commission (1)
  • Council on Aging (3)
  • Finance Committee (1)
  • Open Space Committee (2)
  • Planning & Community Development Advisory Committee (5)
  • Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIF Committee) (1)
  • Youth Committee (3)
  • Zoning Board of Appeals (2 & 1 Alternate)
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