Health Department

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logoContact:  Judy Metcalf, RS., CHO
                Director of Public Health
Address: Town Hall, 126 Main Street, Ware, MA 01082
Phone: 413-967-9615
Fax: 413-967-9646
Alternate Phone: 413-967-9616
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-12:30 and 1-4:00

Board of Health Members
Name                           Title
 Michael Juda         Chairman
 Nichole Bradway  Vice-Chair
John Desmond        Member

Name                                        Title                                               Telephone
Judy Metcalf RS., CHO         Director of Public Health           413-967-9615 x 111
Stephen Bell                            Health Inspector                          413-967-9615 x 116
Betty Barlow                           Administrative Assistant            413-967-9615 x 110
Vacant                                      Public Health Nurse                    413-967-9615 x 112
 Edward Kent Jr.                      Plumbing Inspector                    413-967-9615
Michael Pluta                           Asst. Plumbing Inspector          413-967-9615
Thomas Kularski                    Animal Inspector

Mission Statement
The mission of the Ware Board of Health is to address public health needs, protect and improve the health and quality of life in the community, offer education resources and promulgate and enforce local, state and national regulations as required by law.

The objective of the Board of Health is to assure effective and deliverable public health programs, services and regulations. To do so, the Board provides timely response, collaborates with other local town departments, neighboring communities, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH), the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP), businesses, academic institutions and other professional organizations. Staff and Board members keep current on the latest advances in public health science, current policy-making trends and emerging public health needs in the community.

Duties and Responsibilities
The primary duties of the Board of Health center on enforcing the provisions of the State Sanitary and Environmental Codes under the jurisdiction of the Board of Health.