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Selectmen Minutes February 26, 2008
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                                                                               Board of Selectmen                                                            Town Manager                                                                          
Nancy Talbot, Chairman                                                   Steven Boudreau
Gerald Matta, Vice Chairman                                          Phone: (413) 967-9648   
Cathy Buelow-Cascio, Clerk                                             Fax: (413) 967-9649
Richard Norton                                                        
John Desmond                                                                                           

Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes
Tuesday February 26, 2008
7:00 P.M. Selectmen's Meeting Room

Present: Chairman Talbot, Vice Chairman Matta, Clerk Buelow-Cascio, John Desmond, Richard Norton, Town Manager, Steven Boudreau, Karen Brearley, Administrative Assistant.

Call to order:
Chairman Talbot called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.
Chairman Talbot asked for a moment of silence for Steve Gagner who recently passed away. Chairman Talbot commented he had worked for the Parks Department part time and had been a dedicated employee.

Chairman Talbot announced there would be a special Selectmen's Meeting March 4, 2008 in regards to awarding the new Senior Center bid for the kitchen, and discuss South Street School.

1. 7:30 P.M. Old PennyBrook Reuse Advisory Committee & Peter Wells from the Berkshire Design Group
Chairman Talbot welcomed Mr. Wells
T.M. Boudreau summarized why Mr. Wells was asked to be at the meeting and commented Mr. Wells from the Berkshire Design Group was hired in the summer of last year to do complete analyses of Old Pennybrook Estates
Mr. Wells went over the three latest reuse recreational/housing design concepts
Mr. Wells showed and explained concept 1, 2, and 3
Members of the Old Pennybrook Advisory Committee and the Board of Selectmen had many questions to Mr. Wells.
T.M. commented on some of the ways the Town could benefit on the property
Some of the members from the Beaver Lake Committee commented they felt the Town should retain the property and felt to wait on the decision till the Town was in a better financial state. There was also concern on the recreational design if that happened there would be a lot of traffic and it would change the neighborhood. It was felt to have it a conservation use.
Cascio suggested letting the decision be done at town meeting, and let the town's people vote on it.
Jack Artale was concerned voters would be voting on a partial package at the town meeting.
Short discussion ensued

Approval of Minutes
Norton motioned seconded by Cascio to approve the minutes of January 22, 2008 executive session. Voted 5-0
Norton motioned seconded by Cascio to approve the minutes of February 19, 2008 regular session with correction. Voted 5-0

Comments & Concerns
Cascio congratulated the Finance Committee with all the work they did on the budget.

BOS Opens ATM & STM Warrant and Set closing due date of Tuesday March 11, 2008 12 Noon for submission of all articles
T. M. Boudreau requested the Board to open ATM & STM Warrants and set the closing for them
Norton made note that petition articles needed 100 signatures and for articles for the annual town meeting there needed to be 10 signatures.  
Norton motioned seconded by Cascio to open the ATM & STM Warrant Articles and set the closing date to be March 11, 2008 at 12 noon. Voted 5-0

Appointment of OSRC Members
T.M. Boudreau read notice and gave the Board the names of the applicants that were interested on being on the OSRC committee. They were Mike Toper, John Carroll (Park Dept) Edward Lavella (Citizen at Large), Martha Klassanos, David Kopacz (Conservation Dept), Timothy Cutler (Citizen at Large), Kathleen Cronin (Citizen at Large), Danielle Souza ( Citizen at Large)
Norton motioned seconded by Cascio to appoint Mike Toper, John Carroll, Edward Lavella, Martha Klassanos, Timothy Cutler, Kathleen Cronin, and Danielle Souza to the OSRC Committee for an expired term. Voted 5-0

2007 Annual Town Report Submittal of BOS-Revision 2/20/2008
Norton motioned seconded by Cascio to table the revised report for the 2007 Annual Report till next meeting Voted 5-0

Town Manager's Report
T. M. Boudreau went through his report with the Board
Norton motioned seconded by Cascio to approve the Town Manager's report for 2/26/2008 Voted 5-0
Desmond had different concerns pertaining to the new Senior Center one was the Occupant load and why there was a need for more money ($8.000) Desmond wanted T.M. Boudreau to check with the proper departments

Prindville Road Matter-Discussion & Direction to Town Manager & DPW
T.M. read the letter requesting the recommendations from the Planning Board, the Conservation Commission, and a letter from Attorney Douglas Walker representing RJ Fijol.
Chairman Talbot asked DPW director for his input on Prindiville Road matter. DPW Director Gilbert St George Sorel felt to leave the roadway as it was and not to put gates up as the Power Company and Gas Company needed access to the road.
Norton motioned seconded by Cascio to leave the Prindiville Road as it was. Voted 5-0
A Planning Board member felt the road should be graded. T.M. commented if maintained the Town could be liable and should not do that.

8:25 P.M. Karen Brearley left meeting
Pennybrook Estates Matter
There was discussion brought up on whether the Town should hold onto the property and not sell and wait till the town was better financially
Norton motioned seconded by Cascio for the Town to hold onto the Pennybrook Estates Property and not to sell it and wait for better financial time for the town. Voted 4-Nay (Talbot, Desmond, Cascio, Matta) 1-Aye (Norton) motion did not carry

8:45 P.M. Norton motioned seconded by Cascio to enter into Executive Session pursuant the MGL Chapter 39 Section 23B qualification 3 and to re-enter regular session only to adjourn the meeting. Roll call Vote: Talbot-Aye, Matta-Aye, Cascio-Aye, Norton-Aye, Desmond-Aye Motion carried unanimously

Respectfully Submitted

Karen Brearley
Administrative Assistant


Town of Ware
126 Main Street, Ware, MA 01082
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