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Ware, Massachusetts
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Selectmen Minutes March 13, 2007
Town of Ware Selectmen Meeting
March 13, 2007

7:00 P.M. Meeting called to order by Chairman John Desmond.

Karen Brearley, Selectmen’s Secretary made note of the following persons who were present at the meeting: Chairman; John Desmond, Vice Chairman; Catherine Buelow – Cascio, (arrived 7:04 P.M.), Selectman Gerald Matta, Selectman Nancy Talbot, Selectman Richard Norton, Town Administrator; Steven Boudreau, Bernard Dulak, Michael Dulak, Jeff Lewis, Attorney Gordon Quinn, Ware River News; Republican; Chris Hamel, Camera Person; Stanley Ciukaj. ;     
Concerned Citizens: Joseph Knapp,

7:30 P.M. –  Dulak Class II License:
Mr. Dulak explained why he applied for the Class II License
Selectman  ___Matta__ made a motion seconded by Selectman __Norton__ to approve the Class II License for Raymond Bernard Dulak/Dulak’s Service Station
All in Favor 5-0

7:35 P.M. – Jeff Lewis RE: Town Hall Clock Repair/Upgrade Presentation:
Mr. Lewis gave update about himself and the company and did a slide presentation
Mr. Lewis stated just to repair the clock would be $18,235.00. Mr. Lewis also presented a contract proposal for the Town Hall clock overhaul which would be $35,145.00 He explained what happened to the damaged clock was mainly a result of strong winds. Steve said there was a damage report of the clock that was sent to the insurance company and he was waiting for the results of that. Chairman Desmond suggested giving this to the Clock Committee for review. Other Board members commented there were not many left on that committee.
Selectman Norton suggested to take under advisement until this can re reviewed and more information can be obtained.


8:15 P.M. – Attorney Gordon Quinn Labor Counsel RE: Presentation of Draft By Law and Draft Employee Handbook.
Attorney Quinn spoke on the Bylaws and Employee Handbook which he had worked on with Mr. Boudreau. Attorney Quinn said these were standard practice and it was good to have consistencies because doing that eliminated unfair practices. Attorney Quinn commented how other cities and towns had a Bylaw Personal Board, or a Personal Administrator
Selectman Norton had concerns who would be hearing the grievances.
Attorney Quinn gave some examples from the Draft By Law and Employee Hand book, and let the Board know there was a grievance process.
Selectman Talbot commented there would be a need to go through the drafts because some towns and cities had different hours, and holidays.
Selectman Norton made a motion seconded by Selectman Talbot to take this under advisement and present this at next department head meeting on April 5th All in Favor 5-0
Chairman Desmond commented to Mr. Boudreau to give Attorney Quinn the information that Mr. Knapp presented to the Board.    


Approval of Minutes:
February 27, 2007
Selectman __Norton___ made a motion seconded by Selectman __Matta__ to approve the minutes of February 27, 2007 with corrections.  All in Favor 4-0, 1 abstained Selectman Talbot
Selectman Norton made a motion seconded by Selectman Matta to approve Executive session minutes of February 27, 2007. All in favor 4-0, 1 abstained Selectman Talbot.

Approval of Consent Agenda: None

Comments and Concerns of Citizens:

Joseph Knapp had commented he came last year on a concern about the Deferred Compensation Plan and asked for answers on some of the questions he had about why he had to pay and some did not. Mr. Knapp commented up untill now he had not received any information regarding that. Selectman Buelow-Cascio commented she heard it was out of there hands. Mr. Knapp commented Mr. Boudreau, in January was supposed to investigate this issue. Mr. Knapp had a letter from Senator Brewer on the Deferred Compensation Plan which he gave to board. 
Selectman Matta questioned Mr. Boudreau on his feelings on this. Mr. Boudreau commented he went to The Treasurer Paul Nowicki to find out the information, and was told if Social Security was not taken out then ING had to be taken. Selectman Talbot suggested for the Board to have Mr. Boudreau and Mr. Nowicki look into this.
Chairman Desmond suggested giving this to Labor Counsel    
Chairman Desmond made a motion seconded by Selectman Norton to recieve more information on this. All in Favor 5-0

Selectman Norton commented last fall there was discussion with the Senior Director Beth Kaltner on the people who reached 100 would be presented with a cane. Selectman Norton commented he spoke to Mr. Koziol from the Pathfinder Regional High School who said he would make to canes which cost $47.15 and if the Board approved this there were two individuals Mrs. Doris Gervais who was born 10-29-1906, and Mike Kobis who was born 9-20-1906 that have reached 100 years old.
Selectman Norton made motion seconded by Selectman Talbot to approve $47.15 to be paid for the purchase of the two canes and to have there names inscribed on the knobs. All in Favor 5-0
Discussion: Selectman Matta questioned who would do the engraving? Selectman Norton commented one of the jewelers in town could engrave there names on the Knobs and they could also keep these. Selectman Buelow-Cascio commented there needed to be rubber tips on the bottom of them.
Selectman Norton made a motion seconded by Selectman Buelow-Cascio to approve the purchase of 12 canes not to exceed $300 for the future of people turning 100 years old

New Business Items/Old Business Items:

Hometown medical Supply Invitation:
Mr. Boudreau let the Board know this was just for there information

Franklyn County Selectmen’s Association Meeting march 22, 2007:
Chairman Desmond commented this was just information for the Board

Ware Fire Banquet invitation April 14, 2007:
Chairman Desmond commented this was just information for the Board

DOCAM Request for Lease Space:
Chairman Desmond read letter from DOCAM
Mr. Boudreau presented two documents from the South St School and the soon to be old Senior Center
Selectman Norton commented South Street School is vacant now and currently being evaluated now, and the Senior Center needed a lot of money to repair
Selectman Talbot questioned when the expected date was they needed the space.
Mr. Boudreau commented he did not know yet?
Chairman Desmond made a motion seconded by Selectman Matta to inform DOCAM of the two property’s the Town has and have DOCAM confirm what the use is and the date of use.

Animal Rescue League of Boston Spray Waggin Visit to Ware Thursday May 24th:
Chairman Desmond read letter regarding a request to have a service in Town that would be a financial need in the assistance of spraying and neutering of their cats and dogs. The ARLOB also requested a safe place to park there 26” box truck.
Selectman Talbot made a motion seconded by Chairman Desmond to have Mr. Boudreau notify the Animal League of Boston Spay Waggin in reference to using the property at the Town Barn on Thursday May 24th. All in Favor 5-0 

Request from Dale Ramsey for a Common Victuallers License:
Mr. Boudreau read the request from Dale Ramsey for Common Victuallers License for an Antique Shop/Gift Shop/and Coffee Bar on 47 Main Street.
Selectman __ Matta__ made a motion seconded by Selectman __Norton to approve the request of Dale Ramsey for a Common Victuallers License. All in Favor 5-0

Request from Planning Board regarding proposed zoning changes:
Steve read letter of request
Selectman _Talbot_made a motion seconded by Selectman _Matta_ to approve the proposed zoning changes and to have Planning Board post a Public Hearing. All in Favor 5-0.
 Selectman Talbot commented that this was necessary

Town Administrator Report
Selectman __Talbot_made a motion seconded by Selectman __Matta_ to approve the Town Administrator’s Report. All in Favor 5-0

Selectman Matta wanted to commend the Police Department on the drug busts and arrests that had happened on the weekend.

Selectman Norton questioned if on the Ware River Front Recreational, and By Law Study committees there was any response from the individuals regarding if they still wanted to be on the committees. Mr. Boudreau commented Mrs. Brearley had been collecting the information on this, and Mr. Boudreau let the Board know he would submit a report to the Board when done.

Selectman Matta commented on the trees that border Walmart that they were supposed to have them stay as a buffer zone as part of the special permit restrictions as well as conditions are placed by the Planning Board, and now there had been only one row of pine trees left. Selectman Talbot commented that the WS development company was given certain requirements on that.
Selectman Norton commented on how Selectman Buelow-Cascio mentioned at the last meeting of having the Selectmen’s meeting’s go back to every other week instead of weekly. Chairman Desmond said right now there was a lot of business and felt maybe that could change in April. Selectman Norton let the Board know he would have to miss a few meetings because he was going to be out of town in April.

8:35P.M. Chairman Desmond_made a motion seconded by Selectman Norton to adjourn Regular Session and enter into Executive Session (M.G.L. Chapter 39, S.23B) to discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining or litigations, and to return to Open Session at 8:50 P.M. Roll Call Vote: John Desmond-Aye, Catherine Buelow-Cascio-Aye, Gerald Matta-Aye, Richard Norton-Aye, Nancy Talbot-Aye.

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Brearley
Selectmen’s Secretary


Town of Ware
126 Main Street, Ware, MA 01082
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