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Selectmen Meeting Minutes - December 14, 2010
TIME:   7:00 P.M.                               TUESDAY, December 14, 2010
PLACE:                                  BOARD OF SELECTMEN MEETING ROOM

PRESENT:                Chairman William Braman, Vice-Chair Melissa Weise, John Desmond

ABSENT:                 Richard Norton, Nancy Talbot

ALSO PRESENT:   Mary Tzambazakis (Town Manager), Peter Serafino (HAP Housing Project Manager)

Chairman Braman called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Chairman Braman informed the audience that Nancy Talbot was in attendance at another meeting. Richard Norton is at home making an excellent recovery. He expects to return to the next regular BOS meeting.

Consent agenda

Upon a motion made by Vice-Chair Melissa Weise with the exception of the Regular Session Minutes of September 7, 2010, all other items on the Consent Agenda have been approved. Second by John Desmond. All in Favor.

Chairman Braman read an invitation to the Board from Quabbin Wire & Cable Co with regard to an upcoming 35th Anniversary Holiday Luncheon and Awards Ceremony December 16th at noon. John Desmond indicated he would most likely attend the event. Chairman Braman would be available should Desmond be unable to attend.
Chairman Braman read an invitation from S.A.F.E. Graduation scheduled for December 20th at Ware Middle School. Vice-Chair Melissa Weise and Chairman Braman indicated they would be pleased to attend and address the 4th grade students.

Comments & Concerns

Selectmen John Desmond reminded residents that the days are shorter and visibility along the Main Streets in Town diminished after sunset. Folks ought to take care when crossing streets, use the designated cross walks and look carefully before proceeding. Motorists also need to be mindful of pedestrians in the roadway.

Doane Road Bridge

The Town Manager read a letter from DPW Interim Director, Paul St.Pierre, regarding status of the Doane Road Bridge. MASS Department of Transportation (DOT) approved “Alternative 2, a modified precast concrete culvert” for replacing the bridge over Flat Brook. The cost estimate is $169,000. DPW intends to lessen costs by utilizing current staff to perform some of the work. The incoming DPW Director will be in charge of this project. (Letters attached)

Chairman Braman asked that the new director develop a time table for the project.

A discussion developed around the general condition of bridges and roads in the region and a larger plan for maintenance or repair. The incoming DPW Director will have facilities as part of his duties. Any existing reports on roads and bridges will be brought to his attention.

The Town Manager has planned a period of acclimation with a review of facilities including water distribution, wastewater, highways as well as the Town Hall. An electrical and mechanical assessment of the building is warranted. The incoming DPW Director is scheduled to start on December 20, 2010.

New Business

In attendance was Peter Serafino, Project Manager/Real Estate Development, HAP Housing from Springfield MA. Mr. Serafino sent a memorandum to the Board with regard to redevelopment of the former South Street School. HAP Housing is interested in an opportunity to submit a proposal to the Town. A request was made to the Board for issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP) offering the site for sale and redevelopment for uses to include residential. There is sufficient demand for senior housing at this time. The Church Street residence currently has a 28 person wait list. Mr. Serafino expressed a positive experience working with the Town previously.

The only concern expressed was the current zoning RR4 which does not allow multi-residential use. In the RFP, some consideration will be given to allowing developers to come in and request a zoning change via a comprehensive building permit through the zoning board of appeals. The goal is to redevelop the building with the potential of an addition to fully house 45 – 50 units.
The Board discussed the appropriateness of the property for redevelopment with several proposals submitted hence. Vice-Chair Melissa Weise suggested a staffed residential facility to accommodate health care providers.

Chairman Braman suggested a thorough discussion about the property with regard to the best benefit for the Town take place at the first BOS meeting in January. Step 1 was to see what interest an RFP would generate. The Town Manager mentioned the need to upgrade the facility at Town Hall. A property site assessment may be done to garner recommendations based on current conditions and long term needs of the Town. Chairman Braman asked that Step 2 take into consideration staying in the current building. The results will be discussed

Establish regular session meetings for Calendar Year 2011
A meeting schedule was presented to the Board for regular meetings as well as Police and Water & Sewer Commissions.
Chairman Braman asked us to double check the dates in April, September and November for potential conflicts with elections.
Upon a motion made by Vice-Chair Melissa Weise the Board approved, regular session meetings as well as Water Sewer and Police, pending any election conflicts. Second John Desmond. All in Favor.

Approval of all licenses for Town of Ware
Chairman Braman read the list of licensees to the audience for signage by the Board after the meeting.
Upon a motion made by Vice-Chair Melissa Weise for the Board to approve all licenses submitted. Second by John Desmond. Al in Favor.

250th Anniversary Update of Events
        The Holiday Decorating Contest details can be in found in Ware River News.
        250th Gala Saturday, January 8th
DINNER Period Dress Welcome  
5:00 - 7:00 p.m. ~ Surf & Turf dinner with dessert at Teresa's Restaurant
7:00 - 11:00 p.m. ~ light hors d'oeuvres, cash bar, coffee and dessert.
       Live entertainment provided by "Victory".
Dinner only: $40.00/person
Gala only: $25.00/person
Dinner & Gala: $60.00/person
Tickets can be purchased at:
~Country Bank, 75 Main Street, Ware
~Chicopee Savings Bank, Gibbs Crossing
~Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall, 126 Main Street

        January 15 – Hansel & Gretel Marionette show for children will be staged at Ware High School
        Labor Day Anniversary Parade.
        Commemorative souvenirs are now available for purchase at the following locations:
        ~Ware Senior Center, 1 Robbins Road, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.; and Monday evenings 5:30-8 p.m.
~Town Clerk's office, Town Hall, 126 Main Street, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Vice-Chair Melissa Weise asked residents to support the various planned events in Town as funding is limited.

        Town Manager Report
1       Hired Treasurer Collector subject to CORI Check – Leigh Deveneau-Martinelli. A start date of January 12 has been established.  
2       Current status of Town Planner position - Salary offered is not market rate. There will be a discussion soon with a neighboring community that has a Town Planner on staff. Perhaps the position can be shared with Ware.  
3       New gas card system to be implemented. A gas card will be assigned to every vehicle. A pin number assigned to authorized driver for gas only. The pin code will generate a monthly report of gas purchased for that vehicle and the driver who made the purchase.  
4       A recent site visit by an official from DEP. A complete response will be generated by the new DPW Director scheduled to start December 20.
5       10-12 Pleasant Street property taken in tax title. The transfer of the mortgage is proceeding with an end date of December 31, 2010. The Town has been tracking all expenses as temporary landlords to the property.
6       Recently posted a position for Deputy DPW Director. Notice posted in Beacon, Ware River News, and in Town Hall.
7       Casino Theater. CBI Consulting Inc visited the building and took samples. The Town anticipates a  report on asbestos and lead removal. Upon receipt, the Town may go forward and bid for the demolition within the next 4 – 5 weeks.
8       Holiday party for the staff is scheduled for December 21 at noon. The offices will be closed between noon – 1 pm. A Dept Heads lunch is also planned. There is no Town money to be spent.
End report

Chairman Braman – Wishes all Merry Christmas looking forward to 2011. 250th anniversary.
Upon a motion made by Vice-Chair Melissa Weise and Second by John Desmond the Regular Session adjourned at 7:46 P.M. All in Favor.
Respectfully submitted,

Frances Wychorski
Executive Assistant


Town of Ware
126 Main Street, Ware, MA 01082
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