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Selectmen Minutes 12/29/2009

Present were Members: William Braman, Vice Chair; Melissa Weise, Clerk; John Desmond, Richard Norton (Nancy Talbot, Chairman; absent) and Town Manager Mary Tzambazakis.

Vice Chair Braman opened the meeting at 7:00 P.M.
1. Appointment of Ware School Committee Member
SB Member Norton motioned seconded by SB Member Desmond to enter into discussion for the appointment of the vacant position on the Ware School Committee seat. The motion passed unanimously 4:0. (SB Talbot absent )
School Committee Chairman Christopher Desjardins explained the deadline for the appointment and commented one person made the deadline.
School Committee Chairman Desjardins commented the school committee Board and the Selectmen met at 6:30 p. m. prior to the Selectmen meeting and brought forward the applicant and the School Committee board interviewed her.
Chairman Desjardins gave an update and credentials on the applicant Joanne Rys and commented the School Board Committee recommended her. BOS met secretary and asked a few questions.
SB Member Norton questioned the length of the term.
School Board Committee Chairman Desjardins commented the term would be till the next election in April 2010.
SB Member Norton motioned seconded by SB Member Desmond that the BOS and the School Committee Board appoint Joanne Rys to fill the vacant seat on the Ware School Committee for a term to expire the next Town Election in April 2010.
Roll Call Vote: SBM Richard Norton-Aye, SBM John Desmond-Aye, SBM Melissa Weise-Aye, SBM William Braman-Aye, SCM Christopher Desjardins-Aye, SCM Aaron Sawabi-Aye, SCM Danielle Souza-Aye, SCM Brian Winslow-Aye.  8-0 The motion passed unanimously.
New Board Member on the School Committee Joanne Rys gave a short input on her new position.

2. Support for Ware River Secondary Track Improvements-CDD Paul Hills
CDD Paul Hills explained the reason for the support, and commented he planned to draft a letter in support of the project and would submit it to the Metropolitan Planning Organization. Mr. Hills encouraged the Board to support the project as well, and submit a similar letter to the Metropolitan Planning Organization.
Board of Selectmen had few questions which CDD Hills answered.
SB Member Norton motioned seconded by SB Member Desmond to have a letter of support from the Ware BOS drafted and signed by the Chairman of the Board. Motion passed unanimously 4-0  (SB Talbot absent)
SB Member Norton suggested contacting surrounding communities to advise what the town was doing.
3. 250th Steering Committee Update
Chairman Melissa Weise of the 250th Anniversary Committee updated the board about the committee's plans. Chairman Weise encouraged residents to visit the event's web site,, which will be continually updated with the latest plans.
Chairman Weise announced that the 250th Gala Parade will be held over Labor Day weekend Sunday, Sept. 4, 2011, and a parade on Memorial Day May 28, 2011.
Chairman Weise commented the committee was looking for people willing to sponsor events and help with fundraising and they could send their intent to the Board of Selectmen's office or contact the 250th Chairman Weise on email at
Chairman Weise commented the next meeting would be held 7pm Feb. 2 at the Town Hall.

4. Open Space and Recreation Plan
OSRP Chairman David Kopacz explained to the BOS on the offering of the extension of 5 years and was asking the BOS for their approval of the plan.
BOS had few questions which OSRP Chairman Kopacz answered.
SB Member Norton motioned seconded by SB Member Braman to approve the two year extension. The motion passed unanimously 4-0 (SB Talbot absent)  

5. Kanzaki Water & Sewer Easement
Town Manager Mary T. suggested tabling this and explained why.
SB Norton motioned seconded by SB Braman to table the Kanzaki Water & Sewer Easement until January 12, 2010 at 8:00pm. The motion passed unanimously 4-0
(SB Talbot absent)

6. Town Manager Report
Town Manager Mary T. commented she did a review of the Town's fee collection for the weights and measures and found since 2005 the town was paying the state. Seeing how businesses were never billed, it's estimated the town is owed approximately $13,000 - $15,000 in those back fees and commented the town intends to post bill for them.

TM Mary T. announced she was reviewing the town's human resource management particularly in terms of its contracts and memorandums of understanding with it's employees.
TM Mary T. commented the town did not have standard pay scales and benefits for positions, and she hoped to establish some.

TM Mary T. commented to the board she was moving forward on the agreement with Valley Human Services for the use of renting parking spaces at the South Street School.

TM Mary T. gave the board an update on the status of the Casino Theater.

8:12pm SB Member  Norton motioned seconded by SB Member Desmond to enter into Executive Session pursuant the MGL Chapter 39 Section 23B qualification 3 and not to re-enter regular session only to adjourn the meeting. Roll call Vote:  SBM Braman-Aye, SBM Norton-Aye, SBM Desmond-Aye SBM Weise -Aye
(SB Talbot absent) Motion carried unanimously.
8:27P.M. Re-enter into Open Session. Motion by SBM Richard Norton to adjourn meeting   Seconded by SBM John Desmond. All in favor - SBM William Braman, SBM Richard Norton, SBM John Desmond, SMB Melissa Weise.  
(SB Talbot absent) Opposed - none.
Respectfully Submitted

Karen Brearley
Administrative Assistant


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