Town of Ware Massachusetts
126 Main Street, Ware, MA 01082
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Town of Ware, Massachusetts
Board of Selectmen
7:00PM Tuesday January 30, 2007
Ground Floor Town Hall
126 Main Street Board of Selectmen Meeting Room

1.      Call to order by the Chairman: 7:00pm

2.      Meetings With Individuals: Starting At 7:30pm
1.      7:30pm –  Maggie Sorel RE: Computer Policy for Town of Ware Employees
2.      7:45pm –
3.      8:00p.m.
4.      8:15pm

3.      Approval of Minutes: Regular & Executive Session

4.      Approval of Consent Agenda : NONE

5.      Comments and Concerns of Citizens

6.      New Business Items/Old Business Items
Police Chief Dennis Healey’s Police Report for December 2006
Letter from William Francis Galvin RE: 2010 Federal Census
Chapter 40 Power and Duties of Cities Establishing Municipal Insurance Fund
Review FY2008 Board of Selectmen Budgets
Letter from Commonwealth of Massachusetts RE: Commission on the Status of Women

7.      Town Administrator Report

8.      Tabled Business Items

9.      Executive Session (Scheduled as needed)

10. Adjournment
This Agenda and Times are subject to Change as Necessary