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Ware, Massachusetts
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Massage Therapist
Chapter 140: Section 51. Massage; baths
~Section 51. No person shall practice massage, or conduct an establishment for the giving of vapor, pool, shower or other baths for hire or reward, or advertise or hold himself out as being engaged in the business of massage or the giving of said baths without receiving a license therefore from the board of health of the town where the said occupation is to be carried on; provided, that a person registered as a barber or apprentice under the provisions of section eight-seven H or section eighty-seven I of chapter one hundred and twelve or as a hairdresser, operator, or a student under the provisions of sections eighty-seven T to eighty-seven JJ, inclusive, of said chapter one hundred and twelve may practice facial and scalp massaging without taking out a license as provided in this section. The board of health may grant the license upon such terms and conditions, and may make such rules and regulations in regard to the carrying on of the occupation so licensed, as it deems proper, and may revoke any license granted by it for such cause as it deems sufficient, and without a hearing; provided, that a person licensed to massage or to conduct an establishment for the giving of vapor, pool, shower or other baths in any town may, at the request of a physician, attend patients in any other town in the commonwealth without taking out an additional license.


Town of Ware
126 Main Street, Ware, MA 01082
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