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Ware, Massachusetts
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Town Manager
Contact TypeContact Information
Town Manager
Executive Assistant x101
Town Hall, Suite J
126 Main Street
Ware, MA 01082
413.967.9648 x 100
Executive Assistant
8 a.m.- 4:00p.m. Monday-Thursday
Town Manager
8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday - Friday
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Role of the Town Manager:

•       Chief Administrative Officer of the Town
•       Responsible for hiring of all Department Heads
•       Manage the Human Resources of the Town
•       Assumes financial responsibility for the Town
•       Responsible for developing the Operating Budget
•       Negotiate all contracts for the Town
•       Procurement and inventory of all assets
•       Attend Town Meetings addressing all concerns

Town Manager Report
March 18, 2014


Budget update.  Pathfinder Vocational held its budget update meeting on Wednesday.  Ware’s costs are to increase significantly because it’s percentage of the total school population grew from 15% to 18%.  The preliminary budget showed a $177,000 increase.  The school leaders and committee had worked very hard to reduce their budget request.  The effect of this effort is that Ware’s cost is reduced by $54,000 from the original proposal, and the budget still includes some needed capital items. (summary attached)
        The Finance Committee has scheduled meeting with department heads through March 26 to discuss the proposed budget which remains approximately $150,000 out of balance.

Insurance.  The Town will begin to negotiation with the Public Employee Committee (PEC) on Tuesday.  The Town will present its initial plan for cost savings, which would drop the Blue Cross insurance increase from 9.5% to 3.5%.  The Town is awaiting information on other options to present to the PEC.

Property.  I have met with a realtor, particularly regarding the South Street School.  They are ready to market the property, and this can be done within the constraints of procurement laws.
        The Finance Committee approved a $10,000 transfer from the Reserve Fund for repairs to the portico sandstone and drainage.
        The Town has received several suggestions to explore the leasing of Pennybrook for gravel and sand removal.  The thought would be to restore the area after any such operation to land suitable for recreation.
        The preliminary environmental review of the Mt. Carmel lot indicated no concerns with the lot, but the engineer recommends having the DPW excavate around the filled oil tank in order to take a soil sample. (report in the Selectmen’s reading file)

2012 Annual Report2.pdfFinal 14_Budget Masterdistribution.pdf


Town of Ware
126 Main Street, Ware, MA 01082
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